Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Direct Primary Care


OneFamilyMD patients enjoy unlimited office visits, accessible and available via phone, e-mail, text, and much more. Learn more about member benefits.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday:
9 AM to 5 PM

Friday: 9 AM to 2 PM

Wednesdays by appointment only. 

Dr. Tracy works on research care coordination and DPC advocacy.


How does this work? No insurance? What about Medicare? Become more familiar with the Direct Primary Care model OneFamilyMD offers.


OneFamilyMD operates as a Direct Primary Care practice.  It’s a new approach to medicine. So, how is it different?


Did you know that most Internists, Pediatricians, and Family Physicians are responsible for taking care of 2500 to 3500 patients each? Dr. Ragland will limit her practice to 600 patients. This means that she can spend more time with you when you need her. It also means that when she is not actively seeing a patient, she is able to coordinate your care and research the latest treatment advances. Your well-being is Dr. Tracy’s priority. 


OneFamilyMD does not bill or accept payment from insurance  companies. Decisions about your healthcare will be made by you and Dr. Ragland, without the impersonal management that inevitably comes from third-party payers. Instead, patients pay a monthly fee which covers the cost of providing patient – focused care that leads to better health, much better service, and less overall healthcare spending. This does not mean that Dr. Ragland won’t work WITH insurance companies and other payers.  She will partner with them, as needed, to get appropriate tests and treatments approved for patients if she can’t find a higher value option through OneFamilyMD.


Signing up with OneFamilyMD is extremely easy. Fill out a new patient form from any device and we will contact you shortly to schedule your first appointment. If you require assistance, please call 502-558-6202.


OneFamilyMD has established a straightforward pricing system. There are no hidden costs or complicated invoices. A summary of membership fees and procedure costs is available here.



AGE 0–19 (w/adult membership*)
*Child membership available $25/mo


AGE 20–44


AGE 45-64


AGE 65+



(per employee)


(maximum family rate)

**other groups such as unions, churches included here


Inquire for fee amount.

Routine house calls &
nursing home visits for
home-bound patients

Inpatient hospital

Outpatient Medication
Assisted Treatment
for addiction


Wholesale labs and prescriptions

Wholesale prices on lab tests and prescription medicines – often pennies on the dollar.  Patients often save enough from this to cover the monthly fees.  In some cases, a monthly supply of medications can cost hundreds of dollars at a pharmacy and literally a few dollars at OneFamilyMD.

OneFamilyMD also negotiates prices on advanced radiology services, certain medical supplies, and some specialty services and they happily pass these savings on to their patients.

Unlimited access to your doctor

Literally. After hours, weekends, holidays – there’s no bad time to receive excellent medical care.

Extended, relaxed visits with no or minimal wait times

You won’t feel rushed through an appointment, and there’s never a question you won’t have time to ask. Part of the relationship you’ll build with your doctor is based on your understanding of your care. Now that’s what we call personal healthcare.

House calls and work site visits

Dr. Ragland knows house calls and work site visits can sometimes be more convenient for her patients. She works with her patients to determine when/if these make sense given her patients’ health and convenience.

Same day and next-day service scheduling

Because we have reserved our time for a smaller panel of patients, there will be no “squeezing you in.” You are a priority, and you’ll feel like one. We will do everything in our power to get you into the office the same day or next day when you need care.

Accessible and available via technology

You’ll be able to reach us and your medical information via internet, Facetime, Skype, email and text.

An annual physical

This exam will be fitted to your personal medical needs. It’s all about you and your specific goals for wellness. A physical exam will be performed, and appropriate tests will be ordered. We will also make sure you are up to date with all recommended health screenings. Dr. Ragland also provides sports and school physicals.

Diagnostic and procedural benefits at no extra cost

For example, allergy shot administration, pulmonary function tests, cryotherapy, simple lesion removal, laceration repair and urinalysis are a few of the many in house procedures and tests that are included in your membership fee. If there is an extra charge for a service, you will know exactly what it is before proceeding.

Consultation with Specialists

If you require a consultant for specialty medical care, Dr. Tracy will work closely with that specialist. Because OneFamilyMD  is not affiliated with any other healthcare systems, the choice is ours to make together.

The private practice environment at OneFamilyMD is committed to individualized, patient-focused and compassionate care for all practice members. You will always have access to a physician. Dr. Ragland values all allied health professionals such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants, but she will never refer to specialists or others that utilize their services as a substitute for the doctor.



Dr. Ragland was born and raised in a small town in rural Kentucky. She is the daughter of a farmer and a teacher, and had a beloved younger brother with many challenging health problems. Her family life influenced her decision to become a doctor greatly and has helped her to appreciate the role of education, nutrition, lifestyle choices, and access to high quality medical care in a person’s overall health and well-being.

Dr. Ragland has had the privilege of practicing for 17 years. She has been a partner in a small group and has provided both outpatient and hospital care for patients of all ages, from newborns to elderly.