Because your family’s health doesn’t follow a schedule.


Unlimited Office Visits

If you need to be seen multiple times in a short period of time for a medical concern, we are here for you! No copayments. No co-insurance. No per visit charges. No deductible payments.

Same-Day and Next-Day Service Scheduling

Minimal or no waiting to be seen in the office AND relaxed, attentive visits.

This combination of services is nearly impossible within a traditional insurance- based primary care model.  Dr. Tracy knows, because she has tried it. With Direct Primary Care, being thorough and on time go hand in hand, and this should always be expected from your doctor at OneFamilyMD.

Wholesale labs and medication costs

Our savings are extended to you. All prices will be quoted before your prescription is filled. Click here to see a list of labs.

 24/7 Access to Dr. Tracy

Literally. After hours, weekends, holidays – there’s no bad time to receive excellent medical care. Easily schedule your appointments by phone or online. You will even have Dr. Tracy’s cell phone number for immediate assistance. This minimizes the need to go to grocery store/pharmacy clinics, urgent care centers, and emergency rooms.

Annual Physicals

This exam will be fitted to your personal medical needs. It’s all about you, and your specific goals for wellness. A physical exam will be done, and appropriate tests will be ordered. We will also make sure you are up to date with all recommended health screenings. We provide newborn/well child check ups and sports/school physicals.

Unlimited Technology Visits

Unlimited visits via technology – phone, email, text,Facetime or Skype. If you can’t make it in, we have options. There is no need to pay extra for “telemedicine” consults with a doctor or nurse who doesn’t know you from Adam.  About 20-30 percent of all office visits in traditional primary care practices are not necessary.  Without insurance companies and other payers dictating how we interact, we can use what we call “technology” visits to determine the best plan for your care.

Home and On-site Work Visits

We’d like to see you in the office if a visit is necessary.  But we also know that circumstances are as unpredictable as individuals are unique.  So we’d be happy to come to your home or meet you at your workplace if needed.

Additional Services

Hospital visits, in-patient consultations, and nursing home visits are available. Inquire for fees.


Dr. Ragland performs a number of routine in-office procedures. Below is a list of some of the procedures she offers:

  • EKG
  • Spirometry
  • Breathing Treatments
  • Cryotherapy
  • Skin Biopsy
  • Laceration Repair

Additional small expense may also be incurred if supplies such as splints, cast shoes or crutches are provided. There will be also be pathology costs associated with sending skin biopsies and other samples to the laboratory for further testing. Reduced prices may be negotiated for you on X-ray/radiology services and with specialists or allied health professionals. OneFamilyMD’s fee does not include the cost of these services. These added costs are always discussed with patients prior to ordering any tests or treatments.

Please contact us today for more information about in-office procedures.


There is no greater privilege than to be a primary care physician. The patient – physician relationship ideally is a caring partnership based on trust. Patients trust that their doctor is knowledgeable, capable, accessible, motivated and committed to helping them get and stay as healthy as possible – without any outside influence from insurance companies or other entities. Doctors respect patients as equal partners and depend on them to invest time and energy in their health and communicate openly and honestly about wellness and treatment plans.

Simply stated, a limited number of patients equals more time for you

Health Insurance (commercial or Medicare/Medicaid) is a very important tool for for ensuring people don’t have financial hardship because of medical costs. HOwever, when it is used routinely to pay for primary care office visits and other fees, it complicates patient care. It makes relatively inexpensive services more expensive and too often leads to less than satisfactory patient experience with healthcare. It leads to more red tape and paperwork for providers, robbing them of precious time with patients. It leads to fragmentation of care and outsourcing of so many services that well trained primary care doctors are perfectly capable of providing. These problems are getting worse – not better – with time, and now it is nearly impossible to deliver high quality primary care in a traditional office setting.

Using insurance for high cost services and embracing a direct pay model for relatively inexpensive, yet crucially important, primary care services will lead to remarkably lower costs for healthcare, better service and patient satisfaction. While teamwork with insurers, hospitals, allied health professionals and others is very important, the direct, autonomous patient-doctor partnership is the most important relationship in health care.

Small additional additional charges may apply for procedures, tests, labs, etc.
Those costs will always be discussed with the patient before administration.